Happy New Year to the Reify team

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Happy New Year to the Reify team

Postby sochin » Sat Dec 29, 2018 12:21 am

I made the switch from the Asiga to the Solus about a year and a half ago. The machine, software and service are so far superior.....and it is cheaper! Maybe it is because I have been printing for a long time now but I have had no issues with the Solus. It just works and the prints are faster and the quality better.

The all in one unit of the Asiga might be nice but that is until you have an issue and the whole printer has to go back for support.....I speak of this from experience with my Pico twice in the four years I had it. I love the fact that with the Solus if I ever have an issue with the Printer, computer or projector that issue is isolated.

A big thanks to Mark who has put up with my emails over 2018 regarding the development of Contour and has always helped. Great software that continues to get better.

Also thank you to Rik from https://www.cadjewelryschool.com the Australian supplier whom, whilst Asiga were working out a quote to fix or replace my dead 4 year old Pico, Rik and Mark had me already up and running with the Solus. I was printing jobs the first day I received it. I never fixed the Asiga, I gave it to friend for parts....who is also using a Solus now.

It seems like a lifetime ago that I first saw Mark with his kickstarter on a forum getting told why his printer would not work :) I liked the look of the printer then and always intended to get one. I was not disappointed.

I wish all the Reify team the best for 2019.


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