Cleaning inside of vivitek projector?

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Cleaning inside of vivitek projector?

Postby manakawari » Fri Jun 17, 2022 1:15 pm

I'm currently setting back up a solus that has sat unused for 2 years. The outside had a significant amount of dust on it , both the projector and the printer. I am wondering if there is a recommended cleaning process for internal projector optics as well as the printer internals? I imagine with so much dust some has definitely gotten inside both machines and I'm afraid it will effect prints if not cleaned. I cleaned the lense of projector but it appears there is a small piece of dust on the inside of the lense. I was hoping to at least try and blow away dust but wondering if those surfaces can be wiped? Also curious about cleaning mirror on inside of printer. I'm wondering how that's done and is there a risk of throwing off mirror alignment?
Thanks for any advice
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Re: Cleaning inside of vivitek projector?

Postby sochin » Wed Jul 13, 2022 11:20 pm

This is what Mark sent me when I asked him the same question a few years ago regarding cleaning the mirror. In the end I used a camera sensor wipe kit to clean my mirror once I had it open. Worked perfectly.

"Here is a video on how to replace the old tilt motor that shows how to open it:

For cleaning first surface mirrors, Formlabs has good advice: ... uage=en_US"

Regarding cleaning inside the projector.... Mark sent me a pdf on how to clean the internal glass to the side of the bulb. I have attached it as it will show you how to open the projector. Mark also emphasised this advice:

"Be careful of the large capacitors on the power supply board if you do open it, they can be dangerous."

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