Solus Pro +B9 Emerald

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Solus Pro +B9 Emerald

Postby Mikkopee » Thu Dec 16, 2021 11:04 am


I have new Solus Pro and I'm trying to print B9 Emerald. I'm not able to get profile right.
Default settings are:
LED 50/50
20microns: All 2,8s Bottom 21s
Those are not that good. I have tried different setting but there is always something. When print quality is good, prints are "bleeding" so details are not so good. And when I get details right, print has lines and stripes.

Here is good one from old Solus:
old solus.jpg

Here is not so good from Solus Pro:
new solus.jpg

As you can see, details are not so good.

What settings do you use with B9 Emerald?

And yes, I'm planning to change my resin but this is only resin what casts well and I dont have time to make casting experiments.

Solus Art Grey prints fine so machine is good and working. Its just profile settings what I need..

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