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Solus PRO is the next step in the evolution of the Solus 3d printer.

Solus PRO brings all the great qualities that the original Solus is knows for, such as the high resolution 3d printing, incredible print surface quality, low cost maintenance and consumables, and pushes it to the next level with: ease of use, no setup or calibration, built in projector and computer (with a large LCD screen), high performance, reliability and so much more. It really is on the next level, and at the same time competitively priced.

Solus PRO includes the new Solus Contour PRO software that makes it incredibly easy to support, slice and transfer a print job over to the printer for printing via wifi, network or a usb storage device.

Solus PRO has a built-in industrial quality UV LED DLP projector, designed specifically for 3d printing applications.

The built in touch-screen is large and make it easy to control the Solus PRO, with it’s intuitive and simple user interface.

The built quality on the new Solus PRO is top of the line. Machined aluminum parts, highest quality electronics, the best components and attention to detail, ensure high reliability and allow for incredible print quality.

Technical Specifications:

42 micron XY resolution
Down to 10 micron Z layer thickness
80mm x 45mm x 110mm build area
405nm UV Led projector built in
Wifi, Ethernet, USB transfer
Large easy to read Touch Screen
Open to 3rd party resins