Solus is a DLP projector-based stereo-lithography printer that offers a combination of quality and reliability at an unparalleled price.

Using our patent-pending TUF peeling mechanism we have eliminated the need for replacing or re-coating resin tanks with PDMS, while at the same time providing a low-stick surface for smooth peeling. This smooth and gentle peeling allows the user to print objects with a professional-level surface quality and incredibly fine details, surpassing the majority of printers available on the market today.

With an anodized aluminum case and stainless steel components, it not only looks good, it’s built to last. Features such as a precision lead-screw with a professional-grade anti-backlash nut, quartz optical path, and a solid 15mm CNC’d aluminum build platform ensure print quality and ease of use.

Solus runs using our own custom software, Contour. With its fully open print parameters, a wide range of resins can be used. It works with Windows based operating systems and requires a tethered computer to print.

Solus works in conjunction with HD DLP® projectors to print with an XY resolution as fine as 25 microns with a 48x27x80mm build area or at 41 micron resolution with a larger 80x45x80mm build area.

Priced at $2399 (projector not included)

Shipping charges not included.

Additional charges such as import taxes and duties may apply.

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SOLUS Dimensions: 180x156x290mm
Print Area at 25XY Resolution: 48x27x80mm
Print Area at 41XY Resolution: 80x45x80mm
Layer Thickness: 100 microns down to 5 microns